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Builders are erecting the construction of a unique overpass of the Slavyanka line

The construction of the Slavyanka tramway overpass continues, which will take place at the intersection with Moskovsky Highway, Oktyabrskaya Railway and Ring Road.
The site has completed the consolidation assembly of the metal structures of the superstructure, the assembled elements of the metal structure are joined to the previously installed section of the superstructure, after which they are moved along temporary supports. Tonight, using the method of longitudinal sliding, the specialists crossed the Moscow highway. The work will continue.
This overpass is an artificial truss structure that will pass the third level above the Ring Road. The length of the overpasses and overpasses is 820 meters, and the width of the roadway is about eight meters. The structure of 24 spans will be supported by 25 supports.
Work is also continuing on all other sections of the first stage of construction of the line from Kupchino metro station to the village of Shushary, including the tram depot.
At the second stage, preparatory work is underway from the tram depot to the Slavyanka microdistrict on the construction of construction sites and temporary access roads.
Recall that in 2023, permits were received from the State Construction Supervision and Expertise Service of St. Petersburg for the construction of the first and second stages of the tram line along the route of the Kupchino metro station - Shushary — MKR settlement. Slavyanka". Agreements have been concluded to raise the financing necessary for the implementation of the first and second stages of the project. The purchase of rolling stock has been carried out. The amount of funds raised by the investor and the volume of the city's participation in the implementation of the Slavyanka tram line amounts to more than 50 billion rubles, taking into account the purchase of rolling stock.
The concession agreement was signed in 2019 and is designed for 30 years (until 2049). The complex infrastructure project involves the construction of three bridges, four overpasses, a modern automated tram depot, bus shelters, terminal stops comfortable for passengers and the purchase of 22 modern low-floor trams of the Nevsky model. The first rolling stock of the line will be produced in St. Petersburg.