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Region’s Potential

3474,2 thous. m² of housing

Introduced in St. Peterburg in 2022

508,5 billion rubles

The volume of construction works in 2022

104,9 billion ₽

The total volume of investments in real estate in St. Petersburg by the end of 2022

Cultural center global importance

8 464

cultural and historical monuments that are objects of cultural heritage

4 213

of these, they are objects of cultural heritage of federal significance

>200 museums
>1100 libraries
>50 leisure facilities

cultural and leisure institutions: cinemas, music clubs, literary, jazz and rock cafes

10 film studios

Perspective personnel potential

3 043 thous. people St. Petersburg labor market

total number of employees in the economy of St. Petersburg

2% unemployment rate

*according to the methodology of the International Labour Organization

Powerful industrial potential

750 large and medium-sized enterprises

some of which are included in the list of system-forming enterprises in Russia

>19 000 small enterprises

including microenterprises

Industry is the basic of St. Petersburg`s economy and the main source of budget revenue generation.

Almost all production activities are represented in the industrial complex of St. Petersburg

Large transport and logistic hub

Railway junction

October railway
10 432,2 KM

The length of one of the largest railways in Russia

431,5 km

public railway tracks

86 stations

railway stations and stopping points

5 train stations
10 railway directions

passenger traffic in 2022

Air transport

Passenger traffic volume of Pulkovo airport 2016-2021, million passengers


Passenger traffic in 2022

River transport

19 city berths for river use

arrives by river transport


sent by rover transport

Tourism center
366,6 billion ₽

the volume of tourist and excursion consumption

8,08 million people

tourists visited St. Petersburg in 2022

7,74 mil. people

tourists from the regions of Russia

340 thous. people

tourists from other countries

National recognition

According to the Russian Event Awards-2022

National event of 2022

cultural and educational festival "Day of Tourism in St. Petersburg"

The best regional calendar of tourism events

International recognition

According to the editorial boards of the travel magazine Russian Traveler in 2022

The best tourist destinations of the year

For the best promotion of the city as a destination for domestic tourism