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Investment in fixed capital


Investment Committee of St. Petersburg

Investment in fixed capital encompasses a range of expenditures aimed at activities such as construction and reconstruction of assets, leading to an increase in their initial value. It also includes the acquisition of machinery, equipment, vehicles, production and household inventory, all of which are accounted for in accordance with established procedures for non-current asset investments. This category also covers investments in intellectual property assets and cultivated biological resources.

In 2022, the economy of St. Petersburg attracted a total of 997.5 billion ₽ in fixed assets investment, with 761.4 billion ₽ being attributed to activities not involving small business entities (SMEs). This high level of investment activity has enabled the city to maintain its leading position, ranking among the top 5 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Place in the RF Subject of the RF The volume of investments in fixed assets Dynamics compared to the period of 2021
1 Moscow 5 917 986 102,2% ↑
2 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 1 414 674 108,8% ↑
3 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra 1 329 382 110,3% ↑
4 Moscow region 1 329 379 96,2% ↓
5 St. Petersburg 997 478 94,9% ↓

Primary objectives of investment in fixed

The primary objectives of investment in fixed assets by St. Petersburg organisations include:

  • Replacement of Worn-Out Machinery and Equipment;
  • Enhancing Production Efficiency: Investments are made to boost production efficiency, either through automation or mechanization of existing processes or by introducing new production technologies;
  • Increasing Production Capacity.

Investments are allocated to various types of fixed assets

• Investments are allocated to various types of fixed assets based on these objectives, with a significant portion, more than half, directed towards the acquisition of machinery and equipment.

Additionally, real estate investments play a substantial role in capital investments.

Investments by types of economic activity

When considering investments by types of economic activity, the analysis confirms that the allocation of resources aligns with the specific needs and structure of investments within various sectors.

Notably, the sector of "Transportation and storage" stands as the investment leader, accounting for 21.5% of the total volume of investments from large and medium-sized enterprises. This sector requires regular renewal of both transportation and technical assets, as well as warehouse buildings and structures to maintain its vitality.

Factors stimulating investment activity (weight)

In 2022, there has been significant dynamics in capital investments by sector, with fluctuations reaching up to 70%, particularly in the "Construction" sector.

These fluctuations can be attributed to several factors that strongly influence investment activity, as outlined below.

Investment structure by sources of funding (without SMEs)

When examining the investment structure by sources of funding (excluding SMEs), it's worth noting that every fifth St. Petersburg investor emphasised the importance of using their own funds to make a positive investment decision.

In 2022, the share of own funds in the total volume of investments by large and medium-sized enterprises amounted to 58.7%, equivalent to RUB 447 billion.

The structure of attracting financing of investments in fixed assets

The structure of financing investments in fixed assets is primarily characterised by the significant presence of budgetary sources. This fact underscores the substantial influence of the city in ensuring favourable conditions for investment.

For more details regarding the support measures available to investors in St. Petersburg, you can access additional information on a dedicated page of the portal.

It's important to note that the foundation for the progressive development of the investor stimulation system is built upon data from statistical observations..

Organisations of all ownership forms and types of activities are required to submit a quarterly report to Petrostat using Form No. P-2, titled "Information on Investments in Non-Financial Assets.».