Creation of the Western High-Speed Diameter Expressway (ZSD)

Creation of objects that are part of the property of Pulkovo Airport

Creation, reconstruction and operation of the tram network in the Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg ("Chizhik")

Creation of a multifunctional sports and leisure complex

Creation of buildings intended for the placement of educational institutions on the territory of blocks II, III, V and VI of the residential district "Slavyanka" of the Pushkin district

Creation of the medical and rehabilitation building of the St. Petersburg State Medical Institution "City Hospital № 40"

Construction of a new pharmaceutical plant for the production of various medicines and substances of Samson-Med LLC

Construction of the multifunctional complex «Baltic pearl»

Development of the territory of the island «New Holland»

Construction of a network of automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG stations)

The construction of the pulse width of the highway high-speed traffic

Construction of indoor sports complexes without stands for spectators (swimming pools)

Creation and operation of highways in the territory of the residential area «Slavyanka»

Construction of a plant for processing tires and other waste rubber products

Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg

Reconstruction and operation of the facility for the organization of recreation and tourism, located at the address: St. Petersburg, Middle prospect Vasilevsky island, d. 40, lit. But

Reconstruction of the building of St. Petersburg state medical institution «Maternity hospital N. 17» at the address: St. Petersburg, Vavilovyh str., 12, lit. A with the subsequent operation under perinatal center on the basis of PPP