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The Slavyanka tram line will dramatically improve transport services in the southern neighborhoods of St. Petersburg

The Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, held a working meeting with Vitaly Mutko, General Director of DOM.RF JSC, in Smolny today. During the conversation, issues of the implementation of the Agreement of Intent between St. Petersburg and‑St. Petersburg and the joint-stock company "DOM.RF", signed in 2022 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. A separate topic of the meeting was the construction of the Kupchino - Shushary – Slavyanka high-speed tram line. "Using the mechanism of infrastructure bonds "HOUSE.The Russian Federation" allows financing the construction of the main stages and facilities of this tram line. Together with the corporation "DOM."We are implementing this project on behalf of the President as part of the development of the entire St. Petersburg transport system. The launch of traffic on the line will allow the city to build about 1.5 million square meters of housing in its zone of attraction. The transport service of our new southern neighborhoods will dramatically improve," Alexander Beglov stressed. The loan agreement between the concessionaire Baltnedvizhservice LLC and DOM.RF JSC was signed at SPIEF 2023 as part of the event to lay the foundation stone of the future depot of the Slavyanka tram network. In 2022-2023, permits were obtained from the St. Petersburg State Construction Supervision and Expertise Service for the construction of the first and second stages of the line – from the tram station in Kupchino to the Slavyanka residential area. Agreements have been concluded to raise the financing necessary for the implementation of the first and second stages of the project. At the end of December 2023, the financial closure of the second stage of the Slavyanka tram line project took place. The purchase of rolling stock has been carried out. Currently, the following works are being actively carried out as part of the implementation of the Slavyanka tram line project: - reconstruction of engineering communications: on Balkan Square and Starorussky Avenue; - sewerage of the Volkovka River; - construction of a tram bridge across the Volkovka river; - construction of an overpass through the railway tracks of the Vitebsk direction and Vitebsk Ave.; - an overpass over the Moskovskoe Highway, railway tracks of the Southern Railway semicircle of the Oktyabrskaya Railway and the Ring Road (the overpass will pass the third level above the Ring Road); - construction of a tram depot – a complex of buildings and structures designed for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock, as well as the infrastructure of the tram line. The depot complex provides 295 jobs. At the second stage, work is underway on Severskaya Street - a construction headquarters has been installed with the supply of communications, and the construction site is being cleaned. In accordance with the terms of the concession agreement, the planned completion dates for the first stage from the Kupchino metro station to the village of Shushary, including the tram depot, are the 4th quarter of 2025, and the second stage - to the MKR. Slavyanka — a year after the completion of the first one. In general, the amount of funds raised by the investor and the volume of the city's participation in the implementation of the Slavyanka tram line amounts to more than 50 billion rubles, taking into account the purchase of rolling stock. The Slavyanka tram line is a comprehensive infrastructure project of St. Petersburg, an object of regional importance, within the framework of which a tram line with a length of more than 21 km is being built from Balkan Square through the village of Shushary to the MKR. Slavyanka. The project involves the construction of three bridges, four overpasses, a modern automated tram depot, bus shelters, passenger-friendly terminal stops, and the purchase of 22 modern low-floor trams. In the future, the Slavyanka tram line may become the basis for the development of additional transport projects, including the creation of routes to the campuses of St. Petersburg State University and ITMO Highpark under construction in the Pushkin district, Pulkovo Airport and other tram lines in the south of St. Petersburg.