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One of the overpasses of the Slavyanka tram line is being erected in the Moskovsky district

Over Vitebsk Avenue and the railway tracks of the Vitebsk direction of the Oktyabrskaya Railway, the spans of the artificial structure of the future Kupchino – Shushary – Slavyanka tram line are being installed.
The length of the overpass under construction is 252.8 m, the width of the roadway is 7.8 m, the structure includes seven supports and six spans.
Since the beginning of the construction of the overpass, supports have been built, including pile foundations, grillages, support bodies, heads and farm platforms. Work on the installation of metal structures of superstructures 1-2 and 3-7 has also been completed. At the moment, the installation of the last superstructure 2-3 is being completed.
The next stage of the construction of this overpass will include the painting of metal structures, the installation of reinforced concrete slabs of the roadway and the construction of retaining walls.
Recall that the project provides for the construction of a tram line with a length of more than 21 km, including three bridges, four overpasses, a tram depot, bus shelters, passenger-friendly terminal stops, as well as the purchase of 22 modern low-floor trams.
The construction of the tram line will improve the quality of transport services for the population living in the new large residential areas of Shushary and Slavyanka, and increase the accessibility of public transport for residents of the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg. According to calculations, the new transport artery will be used by at least 13 million passengers per year.
To date, agreements have been concluded on attracting the financing necessary for the implementation of the first and second stages of the project, and construction work is underway. The construction of the line is planned to be completed in stages: the first stage - by the end of 2025; the second stage – no later than the end of 2026.