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A new kindergarten will appear in Krasnoselsky district

At a working meeting of the Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, with members of the city government, the targeted provision of a land plot for the construction of a preschool educational institution at the address Krasnoselsky district, Yuzhno-Primorskiy municipal district, Leninsky Ave., site 273 was approved.
On an area of more than five thousand square meters, the investor plans to build a kindergarten for 130 places, which will become part of the infrastructure of the new residential quarter. Kindergarten students will be able to use their own swimming pool.
"Today, investors are building most of the kindergartens, schools, clinics, and family doctor's offices that are being introduced in the city. Thanks to new approaches, this year we will eliminate the shortage of kindergartens and schools," said Alexander Beglov.
The construction period of the kindergarten and the lease agreement for the site is 57 months. The planned date of commissioning is February 2029. Upon completion of construction, the investor will transfer the kindergarten to the ownership of the city.