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SPIEF-2024: The Island of Forts signed a number of investment agreements on the development of tourist and recreational infrastructure in Kronstadt

As part of the business program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum at the stand of St. Petersburg, ANO Ostrov Fortov concluded a number of investment agreements on cooperation and cooperation in order to develop a tourist and recreational cluster in the territory of Kronstadt. The agreement on the creation of a museum exhibition on the fight against infectious diseases at the fort "Emperor Alexander I" was signed with Rospotrebnadzor. The cooperation established by the ANO "Island of Forts" with the All-Russian public Organization "Russian Geographical Society" will serve to study the geographical, ethnocultural and historical identity of Russia, including unique natural complexes, historical and cultural monuments, as well as assist in expeditionary and scientific activities. One of the most interesting agreements was the agreement with the CTC TV channel on a new joint TV project. Moreover, at the SPIEF-2024 site, a project was launched to create an All-Russian Center for Maritime Professions in Kronstadt. The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Rosmorrechflot will take part in the implementation of the project. The Island of Forts cluster has been formed in Kronstadt since 2019 in accordance with the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The creation of a tourist and recreational cluster is carried out on an area of 150 hectares, including the waters of the Coastal Harbor.