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The operational results of the first month of summer were summed up at the Western High-speed Diameter

In June, record traffic was recorded at the ZSD - almost 6.8 million passes, which is the highest value in the entire history of the highway's operation. It is more than 110 million kilometers.
At the same time, according to analysts, the value of the indicator is even higher – on June 28, travel on many routes of the ZSD was free in honor of the Scarlet Sails alumni holiday and was not taken into account in statistics.
The most popular day was Thursday, June 27, when the "Scarlet Sails" dress rehearsal took place – 274912 passes were recorded. 
In general, the most popular sections of travel in June were: Ring road South — Makarova Embankment; Beloostrov — Ring road North; Ring road South — Bogatyrsky Avenue.
The popularity of the ZSD in summer is explained by the need of residents and guests of St. Petersburg for country trips. There is an increased demand for the holiday resort area, for example, traffic through the payment points of the Beloostrov interchange increased by one and a half times in June compared to April. 
The Western High–speed Diameter is a project implemented on the basis of a public-private partnership mechanism. The highway helps to redistribute traffic flows and reduce the transport impact on historical sites in the city center, provides round-the-clock communication between the northern, central and southern districts of the city.
Currently, the highway is actively developing – launch complexes of the Skipper interchange of the ZSD are being created. The Vitebsk ZSD interchange is under construction – it is the first stage of the High-speed Latitudinal Highway. Both high-speed highways together will perform the functions of bypassing the center of St. Petersburg, improve the transport situation and become part of the modern transport framework of the city.