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Special Investment Contract of Saint Petersburg (SPIC 2.0)

Динамично развивающийся мегаполис

6 SPICs have been concluded in Saint Petersburg (BIOCAD CJSC, GEOPHARM LLC, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus LLC, AVTOVAZ PJSC,Toyota Motor LLC, Active Component LLC).

A special investment contract (SPIC) involves the introduction or development and implementation of modern technology, the use of which allows the manufacturing of industrial products that are competitive at the global level.

Key features SPIC

The SPIC is concluded on a competitive basis, the selection criteria are:

  1. the implementation period;
  2. the volume of industrial products;
  3. the technological level of production localization.

Up to 15 years

The volume of investments is less than 50 billion RUB.

Up to 20 years

The volume of investments is of more than 50 billion RUB.

Investment volume

without restrictions


  • 0% income tax
    Income from the sale of goods under the SPIC is not less than 90% of the total amount of income, or income from the sale of goods only under the SPIC (with separate accounting of income and expenses);
  • 0% property tax (5 years) in relation to property created under the SPIC.

If the total amount of budget expenditures and lost income exceeds 50% of the total volume of capital investments the use of incentive measures is terminated.

Non-tax support measures:

  • the possibility of determining the SPIC investor party as the sole supplier of the manufactured goods;
  • leasing of a land plot in municipal or state ownership without bidding;
  • application of a reduction coefficient of 0.8 to the amount of rent for the use of a land plot provided by SPIC and owned by the state for the period of validity of SPIC;
  • application of a special coefficient to the basic depreciation rate, but not higher than 2, in respect of depreciable fixed assets produced under the SPIC and included in the first – seventh depreciation groups (Article 259.3 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

Contact information

Anna Kostenkova


Phone: 576–00–76