Industrial zones

Industrial zones host production facilities of various hazard categories. A zone may include logistics, storage and engineering facilities, as well as office facilities for zone management. Industrial land covers 19,000 ha or 13.6% of the total city area.

Legal status of the city industrial zones is documented in the General Layout of St Petersburg and St Petersburg Land Use Development Regulations. Presently, the city accounts for over 50 large industrial zones with the total area of 15,633 ha located in almost every district.

The estimated city reserve for industrial construction to date is about 300 ha. It primarily includes land plots owned by Saint Petersburg and located in up to 20 ha industrial zones. The rest of the reserve is represented by land plots scattered throughout the existing industrial zones. The largest land reserves for industrial construction are private land plots located in the southern part of Saint Petersburg. These are the former farm land shares privatised by agribusinesses and currently attributed by the General Layout of Saint Petersburg to the category of industrial land. Most of the land plots are not exploited.

Industrial zone development is handled by the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation of St Petersburg and its subordinate St Petersburg City Agency for Industrial Investments (State Institution). The Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation uses an integrated approach to territory development, which means that the city provides urban planning and utilities for production sites. Currently a number of large infrastructure projects have been launched with overall site engineering and transport access preparation underway.


Industrial zones are further divided into different land zones as provided for by the city’s cluster policy. The cluster policy boosts the competitive ability of business due to effective interaction between cluster occupants afforded by their close geographic location, easier access to innovation, technologies, know-how, specialist services and high skilled professionals, lower transactions costs, and implementation of joint cooperative projects resulting in the region’s higher investment appeal.


Investment appeal of industrial zones relies on the following principal criteria:

  • Availability of unoccupied areas;
  • Availability of area plans;
  • Developed transport infrastructure available to businesses and citizens;
  • Maturity of utility infrastructure (including in the mid-term);
  • Economic load;
  • Presence of large companies or plants;
  • Large investment projects underway.

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