The headquarters for the improvement of the business environment

St. Petersburg business environment improvement headquarters is a permanent collegial advisory body.

Headquarters is a platform for open interaction between government and business, successfully functioning since 2013.

In 2016 the Headquarters was headed by the Governor of St. Petersburg.

The headquarters prepares joint decisions of state authorities and representatives of the business community of St. Petersburg on topical issues of interaction between the city and entrepreneurs, and also unites the efforts of the state authorities of St. Petersburg and the business community to create a comfortable business climate in St. Petersburg.


Headquarters consists of 49 government bodies heads and employees as well as 162 leading St. Petersburg business associations and enterprises representatives. The control over the decisions execution, previously made by the Headquarters, is carried out personally by St. Petersburg Governor.




The plan of work Headquarters is approved annually. Meetings of the Staff, during which the Governor of St. Petersburg is reported on the implementation of decisions taken by the Staff, are held quarterly. The results of the review are reported to the Governor of St. Petersburg personally.

All decisions taken are under the personal control of the Governor of St. Petersburg and are issued in the form of minutes of Headquarters meetings.

Working groups of Headquarters

Improving the business climate
in construction

Head: Vladimir G. Boldyrev
Deputy head:
Alexander I. Vakhmistrov
Igor V. Kreslavsky
Olga V. Mikhalchenko
Dmitry V. Panov
Andrey A. Tetysh
Increasing the availability of
energy infrastructure

Head: Andrey S. Bondarchuk
Deputy head:
Svetlana A. Melnikova
Pavel N. D'yakov
Development of entrepreneurship, improvement
of customs administration, export support

Deputy head:
Oleg I. Du
Roman V. Kozlov
Oleg G. Kuksov
Vladimir S. Menshikov

Improving investment environment        
Head: Roman A. Golovanov
Deputy head:
Dmitry A. Chagin
Tatiana V. Loginova

Improving the efficiency of interaction between business
and government in the field
of property relations in St. Petersburg

Head: Valery V. Kalugin
Deputy head:
Sergey V. Nikitin
Alexander R. Yakushev
Tatyana S. Martynova



Result of work

The result of this work was a significant reduction in the number and timing of entrepreneurs passing administrative procedures. The actual result is reflected in the improvement of St. Petersburg's position in the National rating of the investment climate in the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in the growth of the Russian Federation in the world Bank's doing Business rating. These ratings assess the quality of the business environment, and there is a gradual growth.