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Creation of objects that are part of the property of Pulkovo Airport

Project information

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Project description

The Pulkovo Airport Complex Reconstruction Project is the only airport reconstruction project in Russia that is successfully implemented on the basis of PPP. As part of the first stage of the project, a new international passenger terminal was built and the Pulkovo-1 passenger terminal, serving domestic flights, was modernized.

In the future, it is planned to implement the construction of second-stage facilities, for which the partner has currently prepared a project plan involving the construction of new and development of existing airport facilities.

The beginning of the second stage of the project is linked to the assessment of the restoration of passenger traffic at the airport and will be aimed at preserving and improving the existing indicators and the quality of airport services.

List of projects

  • The main building, the northern gallery and the pre-terminal platform of the Centralized Passenger Terminal

  • Hotel, business center, multi-level parking

  • Reconstruction of passenger platform № 1

  • Construction of a cargo platform

  • Construction of controlled zone facilities and engineering and technical support

Main project characteristics

  • Total area of the airport: 1350 hectares
  • Number of runways: 2
  • Runways: South — 3780×60 m, North — 3397×60 m

Social economic indicators

The implementation of the project will lead to the creation of new jobs directly related to the construction and subsequent operation of the airport.

In addition, the expansion of the airport becomes an impetus for the development of investment activities in the airport's zone of influence, which also leads to the creation of new jobs.

Implementation period

2010-2039 (term of the agreement)

Land plot

Saint Petersburg, Pulkovo highway 41 ЗА


LLC «Air Gates of the Northern Capital»

Amount of investments

48 billion ₽

Pulkovo Airport