The competition development is one of St. Petersburg state policy’s priorities.

St. Petersburg’s entrepreneurial activity successful stimulation is largely due to the government bodies operation transparent system formation, ensuring the competitive environment development.

The unified standard for the competition development, which is valid in all Russian Federation regions, provides the administrative barriers removal, the population large segments involvement in business processes, as well as self-employment development.

Competition development activities are carried out by St. Petersburg Government in accordance with the Russian Federation Government’s Decree, dated April 17, 2019 No. 768-r «On the Competition Development Standard Approval among Russian Federation’s constituent entities»

Look through St. Petersburg Competition Development Standard implementation data as of 2018 (see file On the Competition Development Standard implementation).

Competition development standard implementation data in St. Petersburg 

Currently, there have been created the special terms in St. Petersburg, allowing to:

  • determine the competition development direction in the region;
  • improve the antitrust policy implementation in St. Petersburg;
  • establish requirements for St. Petersburg executive authorities’ activities implementation, aimed at therms creating for the competition development in the regional economy’s key sectors;
  • form St. Petersburg public authorities’ operation transparent system, aimed at the competition development, according to the goods and services the end consumer’s, business entities’ and society’s interests;
  • create incentives and terms for small and medium-sized companies development and protection, administrative barriers elimination;
  • ensure the key targets achievement, characterizing the competition development in St. Petersburg’s markets.



The business entities list, in which St. Petersburg share is 50 percent or more, operating in St. Petersburg

Report on the competitive environment status and development of St. Petersburg’s goods, works and services market in 2018

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