Creation of the Western High-Speed Diameter Expressway (ZSD)

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Sphere of activity: Transport infrastructure

Project description

The creation of the Western High-Speed Diameter Expressway (ZSD), which provides transport links to the Large Seaport of St. Petersburg through the Ring Road with access to federal highways and the countries of Scandinavia, and also reduces the traffic load on the historical center of the city.

A unique paid high-speed intra-city highway that determines the development of St. Petersburg as a major world-class transport hub. The total length of the highway: 46.6 km, 15 transport interchanges, 4-8 traffic lanes, estimated speed of 110 km / h, capacity of up to 128,000 cars per day. ZSD is the world's largest PPP project in the field of creating toll roads.

The project has been awarded by leading world and Russian economic publications and institutes: Project Finance International, Project Finance Magazine, World Finance, Infrastructure Investor, "Securities Market", "Development Award", "Formula of Movement" award of the Public Council of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
ZSD is the world's largest PPP project in the field of creating toll roads, one of the first and most large-scale PPP projects in the country, one of the largest construction projects in Russia.

List of projects

Paid private public highway "Western high-speed diameter".

Implementation period


Main project characteristics

  • The length of the main course of the ZSD is 46.6 km
  • Number of transport interchanges - 15
  • Capacity - up to 128,000 vehicles per day
  • Traffic is carried out in 4-8 lanes
  • The maximum permitted speed is 110 kilometers per hour

Social economic indicators

The implementation of the Western High-Speed Diameter project will lead to the creation of about 8.5 thousand jobs directly related to the construction and subsequent operation of the highway. In addition, the transformation of the urban environment in the ZSD construction zone requires a large amount of work on the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures, which also contributes to the emergence of new jobs. The total increase in the number of jobs will eventually amount to 30-33 thousand people.


«Highway of the Northern Capital» LLC

Amount of investments

RUB 212 billion

Land plot

The southern section is from the Ring Road to the embankment of the Ekateringofka River;

The central section is from the embankment of the Ekateringofka River along the western tip of Vasilievsky Island to the right bank of the Bolshaya Nevka River

The northern section is from Primorsky Ave. to the E-18 "Scandinavia" highway