Construction of indoor sports complexes without stands for spectators (swimming pools)

Projects in progress

Sphere of activity: Sport

Project description

The aim of the project is to provide the population, including citizens with low living standards and students of general education institutions, with affordable swimming complexes for sports and health support.
The placement of various swimming pools in one complex allows you to simultaneously provide opportunities for various water sports: training swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, aqua aerobics, swimming training for children, recreational swimming.

In the pools, it is possible to attend classes with children from 1 month old.

The latest water treatment technology has been developed for the newly created complexes, which provides the necessary water quality for both sports events and recreational swimming.

List of projects

10 water complexes in different districts of St. Petersburg

Implementation period

until 2023

Main project characteristics

The project provides for the construction of indoor sports complexes without stands for spectators (swimming pools), each of which includes:

  • swimming pool with 12 lanes, area 25.0*25.6 meters (640 m2)
  • children's pool, area 7.5*12.5 meters (94 m2)
  • aqua aerobics pool, area 7.5*12.5 meters (94 m2)

The total area of the water mirror of the entire complex will be about 850 m2.

Social economic indicators

Organization of social and sports infrastructure at the expense of a private investor:

  • possibility to visit the complexes ~ 8 640 000 person per year


The possibility of creating and increasing additional jobs:

  • number of employees of the company: at the moment 314 people

  • average salary of the company's employees: 34 330 rubles


LLC "Basseyny"

Amount of investments

6 billion rubles

Land plot

  • Obuhovskoy oborony prospect, plot 1, (northwest of the intersection with Shlisselburgsky Avenue), with an area of 12960 m2
  • Peredovikov street, plot 1, (east of Peredovikov street 9), with an area of 10000 m2
  • Buharestskaya street, plot 1 (north-east Buharestskaya street 22А), with an area of 14945 m2
  • road to the Turuhtannye ostrova, plot 1 (south of the road to the Turuhtannye ostrova 6A), with an area of 8298 m2
  • Petergofskoe shosse, plot 1 (south-west of Petergofskoe shosse 77B), with an area of 10719 m2
  • Narodnaya Street, plot 1 (north-west of Narodnaya street 5, building 2, letter A), with an area of 8388 m2