The construction of the pulse width of the highway high-speed traffic

Projects in progress

Sphere of activity: Transport infrastructure

Project description

The new highway will run in the “industrial belt” of the southern zone along the northern segment of the circular railroad through Krasnogvardeisky, Nevsky, Frunzensky, Moskovsky and Kirovsky districts, with a bridge across the Neva River between Zolnaya and Fayansovaya streets. The highway and the bridge will help to rearrange transport flows and reduce traffic load in general and on the nearest bridges – Alexander Nevsky and Volodarsky Bridges.

The left bank and partially the right bank tracks of the highway will match the southern segment of the circular freight railroad. There are two options for the section running from Ladozhsky rail terminal to the Ring Road:

  • along Krzhizhanovskogo Street with a direct connection to the Ring Road 
  • along Boksitogorskaya Street with a connection to Shafirovsky and Industrialny avenues interchange 

The highway bridge also has two options: 

  • two pylon cable stayed bridge with a 260 m central span and eight lanes, or
  • arched bridge with two separate tracks each with four lanes (two arched bridges on both sides of the Finlyandsky Railway Bridge)


Provide support for the high speed multi lane motor traffic through six administrative districts and lower vehicle density in the new highway’s gravity area.


  • Number of lanes: 6 
  • Length: 17.6 km



Implementation period

Construction period: 3 years


Looking for an investor

Amount of investments

about RUB 160 billion