Creation of a multifunctional sports and leisure complex

Projects in progress

Sphere of activity: Real estate development

Project description

Reconstruction of the sports and concert complex "Peterburgsky" to create a new, modern, multifunctional sports and cultural complex with two ice arenas and a theme park of culture and recreation on the adjacent territory. The capacity of the stands of the main arena is 20,000, the small one is 300 spectators. The new complex will create a children's and youth sports school for hockey and schools in other sports, such as figure skating, volleyball, etc. Heated sports fields, festival grounds, pavilions and creative workshops, children's studios, walking and playing fields and green recreation areas are planned in the theme park.


The implementation of the project will allow, by attracting funds from a private investor, to create a new sports complex on the site of the old ice arena that meets all international requirements and a modern theme sports park. The first large-scale sports event at the new arena will be the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2023.


List of projects

A large ice arena with a capacity of 21,820 seats, a small ice arena with a capacity of 300 seats and pavilions with an area of 1,500 m2.

Implementation period




Amount of investments

at least 40 billion rubles

Land plot

St. Petersburg, Yuri Gagarin Avenue, plot 80