Creation, reconstruction and operation of the tram network in Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg

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Sphere of activity: Transport infrastructure

Project description

The project envisages the creation of tram tracks on 4 routes, the construction of a tram depot, as well as the implementation of transportation of passengers on routes with new tram lines.

Under the terms of the agreement on public-private partnership St.-Petersburg is obliged to provide land for the project and partly subsidize the activities of the investor in due order and on the conditions specified in the concession agreement. The new property will belong to St. Petersburg based on the right of ownership.

Funding the creation of the object will be at the expense of own and borrowed funds of the investor, in the ratio corresponding to the international practice of funding of such projects.

The tram tracks are in the following areas:

  • In the Zanevsky prospect, Kosigina pr. across Ladozhskaya metro station up to Peredovikov str.
  • across Kosigina pr. from Peredovikov str. up to Nastavnikov pr.
  • across Nastavnikov pr. from Hasanskaya str. up to Irinovsky pr. (including the part of Hasanskaya str. from Nastavnikov pr. up to the tram ring (including it)
  • across Irinovsky pr. from Peredovikov str. up to Riabovskoe highway and across Riabovskoe highway from Irinovsky pr. up to c.p “Rzhevka”
  • across Potapova str. from Irinovsky pr. up to tram park №11 (within the boundaries of existing land plots)

The construction of the tram garage is planned on the territory of tram depot № 11, located in: Saint – Petersburg, Krasnogvardeisky R-n, Industrial pr., district 1

The project implementation will allow the creation of high-speed tram routes in Saint-Petersburg, which will significantly improve the transport accessibility of the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg and the Ladozhsky railway station.

Other benefits of the project will be:

  • the modernization of transport infrastructure of St. Petersburg
  • increasing mobility of the population and reducing time spent "on the way"
  • reduction of traffic load of the road network of the Krasnogvardeisky district
  • creation of comfortable conditions for citizens’ mobility


  • The investment volume is 9.3 billion rubles (+ capital grant of 1.3 billion rubles)
  • NPV: 2.3 billion rubles
  • IRR 11,9% 

List of projects

  • tram tracks, a contact network, power supply DC cables with power supply cabinets and cells Ru-600 at traction substations, installation of power switches
  • reversal tram rings
  • tram depots
  • infrastructure, basic technological equipment
  • rolling stock

Implementation period

30 years starting from the signing date

Social economic indicators

  • The amount of tax proceeds to budgets of different levels:
    • VAT: 4,8 billion rubles.,
    • Income tax: 1,9 billion rubles
    • Pension and insurance deductions: 0.55 bln RUB.
  • Number of jobs created: not less than 210 jobs


"Transport concession company" LTD

Project location district

Krasnogvardeysky district