Construction of a network of automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG stations)

Projects in progress

Sphere of activity: Transport infrastructure

Project description

The project involves the creation of a sales network of 25 automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG stations) in St. Petersburg by 2019 in order to increase the level of energy efficiency and energy saving in transport to St. Petersburg.

The city has the second largest fleet of motor vehicles in Russia. In St. Petersburg, 2031.1 thousand vehicles were registered. According to the forecast, the number of cars in the city will increase by 2 times by 2025.

Taking into account the significant increase in the level of motorization and the volume of motor transport work, one of the priority tasks facing the transport complex of the city is the transition to cheaper and environmentally friendly gas engine fuel.

The project provides for the creation of infrastructure for the development of the gas engine fuel market in St. Petersburg: the construction of gas filling stations, natural gas liquefaction complexes and service infrastructure facilities.


List of projects

25 automobile gas-filling compressor stations

Implementation period



Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel LLC

Amount of investments

at least 4.55 billion rubles

Land plot

  • Primorskoe highway, 264
  • Pulkovskoe highway, 42
  • Kubinskaya street, plot 1 (West Kubinskaya street 90А)
  • Korabel'naya street, 9
  • Fuchika street, plot 1 (North-West of the Fuchika street 4А)
  • Peterhof, Astronomicheskaya street 10A
  • Pushkin, Kazanskaya road, Sapernaya street, plot 1, (southwest of the Sapernaya street 61А)
  • Kolpino, Finlyandskaya street, plot 63