Investment declaration

1. The present Investment Declaration of St. Petersburg is designed to improve the investment climate in St. Petersburg.

2. Investment Declaration of St. Petersburg establishes the following principles of interaction between the executive authorities of St. Petersburg with the subjects of investment activity:

  • equality - non-discriminatory approach to all the subjects of investment activities within the predetermined priorities and the public system;
  • involvement - participation of subjects of investment activity in the process of preparing decisions affecting them taken by bodies of the government of St. Petersburg, as well as in the evaluation of the implementation of these decisions;
  • transparency - publicly available documented information of public authorities of St. Petersburg, with the exception of information constituting a state or other secret protected by federal law;
  • best practice - orientation of administrative procedures and legal regulation for the best in terms of interests of business and investment practices of interaction of the Russian Federation to the subjects of investment activity.

3. Attracting investment - one of the main instruments of development of St. Petersburg. Сreate the most favorable conditions for realization of investment projects in accordance with the current legislation in St. Petersburg.

4. The main areas of investment policy of St. Petersburg are:

  • improvement of normative legal acts regulating investment and innovation activities of St. Petersburg;
  • more efficient use of the measures of state support of investment activity;
  • reduction of administrative barriers.

5. St. Petersburg guarantees the protection of investors by enacting laws that worsen the position of the investors within the competence of the Government of St. Petersburg.

6. St. Petersburg performs activities aimed at reduction of administrative barriers, including through the implementation of the principle of "single window" in the interaction of investors with the executive authorities of St. Petersburg for the implementation of investment projects.

7. St. Petersburg provides investors with financial support in the form of:

  • tax benefits;
  • grants from the budget of St. Petersburg in accordance with applicable law;
  • the establishment of preferential rental rates for the use of property in ownership of St. Petersburg;
  • providing investment tax credits;
  • other forms stipulated by the current legislation.

8. St. Petersburg guarantees the accessibility of information about the decisions taken in the sphere of investment activity, the possibility of participation of subjects of investment activity in the decision-making process and assess their implementation.